Multi Core CPU

The integrated 3D-FEM solver of µWave Wizard supports multicore and multiprocessor boards on all Windows 32bit or 64 bit versions (when not explicitly limited by Microsoft, as in the Windows Starter Editions). Both 32 and 64 bit versions of the solver profit in the same manner. The solver will automatically use all available (physical or virtual) CPU cores by default. Except for very small systems with few unknowns, the computation will be reasonably faster compared to single threaded computation. The meshing of the entire 3D-FEM structure is a single threaded process. After a successful meshing the solving is spread over the multicores/multiprocessors.
During the analysis or optimization the tab “Performance” reports the load of each core in a single plot window. The following screenshot is from a dualcore comuter.

In the screenshot below an 8-Core dual Xeon workstation equipped with 24 GB RAM is running a large scale 64 bit simulation (about 500000 unknowns, 3D FEM analysis of a complete tracking OMT device) on Windows Vista Ultimate.