Graphical User Interface GUI

1. Ribbon Type GUI: µWave Wizard features a ribbon type User Interface (GUI), offering a user friendly desktop environment with the familiar appearance and convenience of office software. Intuitive icon type shortcuts and editors, distributed across the ribbons, help understand each task more quickly and easily. Tabs for Project, Circuit, Design, Optimizer, Tools and Plots are easily accessible.

2. Project Tree View: The project tree view provides all information about the project such as frequency settings, variables, circuits including sub-circuits and default settings like units, accuracy, symmetries and material properties. The GUI features separate identification of variables belonging to a selected circuit.

3. Libraries: µWave Wizard offers an integrated library with over 450 pre-defined key building elements such as irises, cavities, steps, bends, junctions, coaxial probes, radiation, entire structures (i.e. tapers, OMT's) and more. Libraries for the import of scattering parameters and 3D CAD files, ideal filter parameters and sub-circuits are available.

4. Schematic Editor: µWave Wizard’s schematic editor allows the creation of three dimensional structures based on key building blocks.

5. 3D-Viewer: The OpenGL based 3D viewer provides the visualization of circuit geometries, mesh files and field patterns. It offers a built-in postprocessor for 3D FEM solutions and enables the graphic to be exported to common CAD formats, like STL, DXF, STEP and IGES. Real time 3D visualization of all library elements is included.

6. Info Panel: The info panel displays messages, the current netlist and serves as an optimization monitor.

7. Status Bar: The status bar shows run time information such as analysis and optimization progress.