Bandpass Filter

The µWave WizardTM features a built-in user-friendly bandpass filter and taper synthesis tool. The Filter WizardTM allows the design of either Chebyshev-filters or Butterworth bandpass filters. The output of the synthesis tool is a complete self generated schematic providing all parameterized geometries required for an analysis and subsequent fine optimization. Additionally, a built-in spline interpolation algorithm supports a faster calculation of the inverter values.
Please note: in uWave Wizard it is possible to manage different filters with individual specifications and variables in one project. Each circuit can have its own optimization parameters and can be optimized independent to the others. Furthermore all optimizations specifications from different subcircuits can be selected and be used among each other. This allows to setup and to optimize multiplexer very easily or to have different case studies for the same specifications for different filter topologies in one project.

The first userform contains the specification of the filter.

The next userform is required to define the type of filter, for example iris, post, metal insert, double post etc. The "tune" variable will be modified during the synthesis.

The following userform shows the order and the theoretical inverter values. In the next step the program will modify the "tune" parameter until those geometries are found which match to the required inverter values.

As the result of the Filter Wizard a complete schematics is generated automatically. This includes a subcircuit hierarchy, the setup of the variables including extensions and the setup of the goal function from the given specifications. In some cases a short post optimization is required because µWave Wizard takes higher order modes into account while the Cohn synthesis is based on a fundamental mode connection. All input values of the Filter Wizard are saved in a *.fsf file. This file can be reloaded and modified to different specifications again. As a result a second filter can be generated based on a previous design.This is of interest in the case of a multiplexer design.


Fast and accurate design to get the S-parameters of band pass filters with µWave Wizard

Fast and accurate design to get the S-parameters of band pass filters with µWave Wizard by the using the inbuilt filter optimization and the filter synthesis tool.

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