64 Bit OS

Nowadays even standard PCs are shipped with 64 bit capable multicore-CPUs, 4 or more GBytes of RAM and a pre-installed 64 bit operation system like Microsoft Vista x64 UltimateTM and Windows 7TM. This combination allows to overcome the 2GB RAM per process limit of traditional Windows 32 bit systems due their restricted address space. Even this 2 GB limit is lowered due to memory fragmentation and DLL loading/unloading. The 64 bit version completely eliminates these memory restrictions and thus allows the analysis and optimization of large scale structures and more complex and sophisticated designs as well as achieving a higher level of accuracy and frequency resolution.
Beginning with version 7.0 the µWave Wizard is shipped with a 64 bit computational kernel in the default installation package, which allows utilizing the whole physical RAM on a 64 bit Windows operation system without any restrictions. It has been tested on the x64 desktop versions of Microsoft Windows (XP ProfessionalTM , Vista UltimateTM , Windows 7TM ). Both 32 bit and 64 bit simulations (analysis, optimization and field or eigenvalue calculations) are started and controlled by the GUI.