Company Profile

The establishment of Mician was born out of the idea of providing microwave engineers with fast and accurate design tools that significantly speed up the development process by reducing cycle time. The goal was to avoid the use of time consuming 3D solvers wherever possible and to focus on applying the Mode-Matching Technique and its derivatives instead, even on structures that at first glance seem to be suited for 3D solvers only.

This powerful simulation method, together with an ergonomic GUI providing flexibility and openness finally led to the current stage in the evolution of the µWave Wizard.

In the following years, the Mician software engineering team focussed on designing a powerful kernel in combination with an easy to use graphical user interface for their novel product, later to be known as the µWave Wizard. In early 2001 the first edition of the µWave Wizard, version 4.0, was rolled out.

Thanks to its user friendliness and performance it quickly became the tool of choice in many microwave departments across the globe, the beginning of a continuing success story for Mician and the µWave Wizard.

Today, engineers and designers in leading microwave companies throughout the world rely on the µWave Wizard in an effort to reduce design cycles and to speed up the development process. Users univocally laude the prompt support and the steady flow of software updates which incorporate latest design elements. Behind the scenes, Mician software engineers who have already demonstrated their capabilities through numerous publications at the IEEE MTT, IEEE MTT-S, ANTEM, EuMW, APMC etc. are working relentlessly on making the µWave Wizard even more powerful. The versatility and speed of the latest versions are due to remarkable new mathematical methods our engineers have come up with.